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4 Meter Ifuse igniters, Safety ignitors, Electric match with Pyrogen, with Gun powder for fireworks display

Product Numbers: IF-400

Price: US $

Product description:1.With pyrogen/gun powder 2.Special for the slow lead wire(visco fuse) 3.Size: 4 M 4.Packing: 10 / 40 5.400 pcs per carton



1.With pyrogen/gun powder 
2.Special for the slow lead wire(visco fuse) 
3.Size: 4 M 
4.Packing: 10 / 40 
5.400 pcs per carton 

Ifuse igniters is special for visco fuse(slow green fuse).  It is with pyrogen and just low voltage could fire it.  So it is verystalbe and any kind of firing system could fire it.


Technical Parameters

1. 21°C(70°F)resistance: 1.3±0.15Ω — 1.7±0.15Ω


2. Fire current:    0.40A /0.37A


3. Safety current:  0.25A 5S/0.18A 5S


4. Testing current:  0.5MA



1. Wiht pyrogen / gun powder in it.


2. Colour: Yellow


3. Special for the slow lead wire.


4. GW:          13 kg


5. Length :    4 M


6. Packing:   10 / 40,

                    400pcs per carton


7. Carton Dimension:  39*28*24 CM 


Size:  1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M.

Operation Video:

Attention:Pls first connecting the fuse and igniter well, then put the igniter inside the firing system.


Step 1 - Pls for sure that the fuse is longer than 3cm.


Step 2 - Pls fold the fuse in the position with more 1 cm distance for connecting igniters easier.


Step 3 & 4 - Pls connecting the ignter as the two pictures showing.


Step 5 - After test the firing system and know it is good. Pls put the igniter into the red/black clip.

Step 6 - Now, you could fire the product by the remote of firing system.( Pay attention to keep a safe distance of your body for the fireoworks.)Enjoy the display!



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