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2 M Talon igniters, Safety fuse, without Pyrogen, without Gun Powder for Fireworks Display

Product Numbers: T1-200

Price: US $

Product description:Specifications 1.No pyrogen/gun powder 2.Worked by 12 voltage 3.Special for the slow lead wire 4.Size: 2M 5.Packing:10/100, 1000 pcs/carton



1.No pyrogen/gun powder 
2.Worked by 12 voltage 
3.Special for the slow lead wire 
4.Size: 2M 
5.Packing:10/100, 1000 pcs/carton 


1. No pyrogen / gun powder in it.


2. Colour: Yellow

2. Power supplied by 12 voltage.

3. Special for the slow lead wire.


The invention of safe ignitions is a great revolution in the fireworks firing technology. This technology is using the high-speed current to get through the resistence wire to light the igniters. When using the safe ignitions, the firing system's voltage can't be lower than 12V. And it is better when the firing system have the text function. The operation procedures is as follows:

Using methord: 
1, Firstly, put the safe ignitions into the firing system. Secondly, using the firing system to check it. 
2, Turn off the firing system, then put the firing ignitions in the end of the fireworks down-lead. But remenber to leave 0.3-0.5cm down-lead out of the safe firing system. 
3, Turn on the firing system, then move the power switch to the fire position. 
4, Keep the distance out of 40-50m with fireworks, that you can press the remote control and then you can fire.


Some Parameters:

1. Length: 2 Meter

2. Packing: 10 / 100,    


   1000 pcs per carton

3. Carton size:  63*34*24  cm

4. GW:     14kg


5. Minimum order:     50 pcs


Size:   0.3M, 0.5M, 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M

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