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36 channels waterproof case +rechargeable remote Fireworks Firing System

Product Numbers: DC36R-B

Price: US $

Product description:36 channels waterproof case +rechargeable remote Fireworks Firing System


Product Description


Fireworks firing system, New control panel fireworks firing system.

DC36R-B waterproof firing system has 36 channels in total. Powered by 12V internal rechargeable lithium battery, with both wire control and wireless control functions.  This firing system could “salvo fire”,“sequential fire”   and “step by step fire.



1. Waterproof black case, protect the firing system very well.

2. With sequential(rapid) , salvo and step fire function. You could adjust the sequential(rapid) time by the time table. Time range is 0.1-9.9S.

3. With low battery indicator. The LED will light when it is need to charging.

4. With LONG DISTANCE remote. Remote range is 400-500M

5. With “INPUT” and “OUTPUT” clips. Several machine could connect together.

6. Each channel with a “TEST” LED.

7. 12V battery, could fire talon(consumer) igniters


Instruction of remote


Please look the remote below:


ButtonAis for step fire-- the firing system will fire one by one when you press the “A “button.


ButtonBis for sequential fire


ButtonCis for salvo fire – all the channels will fire together, must keep pressing for more than 1 second


ButtonDis for return.

Notice for charging
1.It needs charging on 110V/220V AC for about 4 hours. And it could keep working for 10 hours.
2.It needs to be charging every two month if you don’t’ use it for a long time.
Charge wire(one head connect the AC power and another with the machine)

Connect and Test:

1). Please turn on the power switch, and move the switch to “test” position, at this moment, if the power indicator lights, and the time table shows “9.9” seconds, it means the machine is in good condition.
2). Connect the fireworks in series to the black/red clips, if the corresponding channels test indicator lights, it means the products are connecting well.
3). After finished the connecting and tested well, you can move the test switch to “fire” position, can fire the products with corresponding functions.

Rapid Fire, Salvo Fire, Step Fire and Online Rapid-Fire

1). Rapid Fire: Press “Time+” and “Time-” button to adjust the rapid fire time, after you set the time, press the remote button “B”, then it can do the rapid fire.

Wire control Rapid fire: Move the button to the “Rapid” position, connect the wire remote to the red/black clip, then press the wire control remote button to start rapid fire. Please note this function can only work when you keep press the remote button, if release the button, the rapid fire will stop.


2). Salvo Fire: Press remote button “C” at 1 second can do the Salvo Fire, that’s 36 channels fire together ( When doing the Salvo fire, each channel can only fire one product)

3). Step Fire: Move the button to “Step” position, press remote button “A” to start Step Fire, the whole channels in the first district will fire one by one; when need to do the next district, press again, the next one the same. (One press can only control one district, fire next district should press again.)

4). Online Rapid-Fire: Set well the Rapid-Fire time, use a 2 conductors wire to connect 2 same machines, one machine from the “output” red/black clips to the another machine’s “input” red/black clips, then press the remote button “B” can start Online Rapid-Fire of these 2 machines.


1). When don’t use the machine, please turn off the power switch, and move the button to “Test” position.
2). Cannot press any 2 buttons at the same time on the remote control.
3). The wire cannot be short circuit, otherwise it will burn out the machine.
4). If connecting the fireworks in series, please use the igniters that made from the same factory. Because different factory might use different resistance of wires.
5). The igniters wire’s thickness, length will effect each channels firing.
6). Please turn off the power switch when the circuit connecting but no need use it , and notice to do not shake machine violently.
7). Don’t press “FIRE” after pull out electrical outlet, for there is left power would ignite products.
8). Please don’t place the product in the damp , sour, alkali and pollution environment.
9). Salvo fire and Rapid fire function cannot use at the same time, if one function is not finished and need to do the other function, you should turn off the power switch to clear and then to start.

Packaging & Shipping

1.Usually we will send the goods out within 3 working days if your order quantities is not too much,  the air shipping agency is including DHL,UPS , FedEx and TNT or special line


2.We will send the goods to your door within 10 working days after you paid. We will email you tracking number after 3 days of shipping.


3.If the goods is damaged during the shipping, we dont responsible for it, if the package the damaged, you can contact your local shipping agent to claim for it within 24 hours, please also take pictures of the package to us.

4Packing details: The whole set firing system include one main board machine,  one remote Controller, 1pc 1 button wire controller; Recharger, we will packed it by stronger paper carton. 


Packing size:35*27*12cm


Weight: 4.5 kgs.


We accept the secure payment(like credit card, Paypal, Western union and wire transfer .


1. This firing system can used in United States?

Yes, we can send the American plug, if you are in Europe, we will send the European adapt to you. 


2. What the firing system power?

The firing system is powered by inside chargeable Li battery, the remote controller is powered by 9V battery.


3. Control mode?

This firing system with remote controller, so it is a remote control firing system, the remote distance is 400-500M, you also can control the firing system by manual.


4.About quality assurance

On the premise that the products is not broken by purpose. The quality guarantee period is one year. Generally speaking, if there is very small problem with the goods .We will send the replacement part to you with the next order considering of the high shipping cost.

If there is very serious problem with the products, we will send the replacement to you very soon.

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