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swing fireworks firing system +4 receivers with 1 controller+Programable Wireless controller Firing System

Product Numbers: DBS3r-4

Price: US $

Product description:swing firing system +4 receivers with 1 controller+Programable Wireless controller Firing System



swing firing system 
1. 4 pcs receivers in total 
2. Programable firing system 
3. 1 controller to run 4 receivers 

swing firing system



Please check the box whether it is in good condition before opening it. If find the box is broken in transport please inform the transport company in time and keep the broken box as proof so we can claim to transport company for compensation.

The packing list below:

1. 1 pc swing fireworks controller

2. 4 pcs swing fireworks machines

3. 1 pc manual

4. 1 pc power cable; 4 pcs control cables

Product Specification:


Size:35*24*12 cm Weight:3 KG

Swing Machine:

Size: 20.5*17*13 cm Weight: 3.8 KG

Voltage:220V (110V available)



Operating fireworks swing in same direction, opposite

direction, across direction or stop, can adjust the speed of swing, and

control to set off fireworks on machine together or separable, the amount

of machines can be 170 at max.



Effects video please open this link:



Installing swing fireworks:

1. Put 3 pcs fireworks into stand, clamp them with butterfly nut in the stand.

2. Connect ignitor of fireworks with correspond the clips on the machine, if connection is reliable then the test indicator light shine.

3. If the test indicator light shine show the ignitor of fireworks is connected reliable.

4. Each machine has 3 dmx channels, the dmx address is beginning from 001 to increase 3 by degrees.

5. The machines are controlled by special dmx controller together with machines.

Installing dmx controller:

1. Please adjust the dip switch to the amount of machines you want to control, who is on the back of controller.

2. Connecting all machines with cables, and turn on the power switch on the controller.

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