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Promotion+DB06r remote firing system+ 100pcs talon igniters

Product Numbers: DB06r

Price: US $

Product description:New 6 cues remote firing system. The receivers are powered by 6pcs AA batteries. And each cue could fire 2-3pcs talon igniters or 4-5pcs e-matches. It is powerful and perfect for talon igniters.




This firing system is suitable for stage fireworks ,consumer fireworks and small fireworks display.


1) Put the battery into the receivers, and turn on the power switch. All the LED will light at this time. If there are some LED are very week or very stronger . It indicates that channel has problems. Please don’t use those channels.

2) Turn on the switch of the remote. Pressing the buttons one by one, the LED on the receivers will go out one by one. It means all the channels can get the signal without problem.

3) Connecting the igniters into the Red/black clips, the testing lamps go out, it means the igniters are connecting well.

4) Make sure the remote are stop working(turn off the remote if it has the power switch). After you leave the fireworks longer than 1 M , please turn on the receiver switch.

5)Keep the distance at least 30 meters away from the fireworks, and then you could press the remote button .

2.How to make one remote to program more receivers

Attention: please don’t connecting any products when you program firing system.

Using a small stick into the small hole in the middle of the receiver.

Keeping pressing it until the orange LED flashing . And then pressing the button 1 or button 2 for some seconds. (remote button 1 is better for talon igniters and button 2 is better for display igniters )Please first release the stick in the receiver. When the orange LED are flashing ,you could release the button. Now it means the remote and receiver are program successfully. You could use one remote to control many receivers by this way. We set up the button 1 in the factory.


1). Fire quantity: each channel could fire 4-5pcs e-matches in series, and 2-3pcs talon igniters.

2).Programmable: one remote could control many receivers.

3).Interchangeable: If there is one receiver was broken, you could use other receivers instead only if the receivers are belongs to the same series. Or you just need to buy receivers, don’t need to buy transmitter.

4)The remote repeat rate is oneina million.

4. Attentions:

1. Please do not shake incept box violently, when no need use it.

2. Notice to prevent defile incept box when it’s close to fireworks.

3. Please take the cell out when no use products, for prevent defile incept box.

4.Please don’t place the product in the damp , sour ,alkali and pollution environment.

Transmitter Parameters:

1. Type and Dimension: 13*5*1.8cm 

2. Range: 50M

3. Power: 10MW

4. Frequency: 433MHZ

5. Battery:   23A,12V

Receiver Parameters:

1. Dimension: 11*7*2.5 cm                     2. Channels:   6

3. Power:    9V                                      4. Battery:  6pcs AA batteries

5. Fire current: 27A                                6.Test current:27 MA

7. Weight:     0.5kg

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