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Waterproof 180 channels firing system+ wire control firing system+1 main machine+ 6 receivers + 200M cables + fireworks firing system

Product Numbers: DC180-C

Price: US $

Product description:Fireworks firing system 1.180 cues step fire firing system 2. Manual fire firing system 3.Waterproof case firing system



Fireworks firing system 
1.180 cues step fire firing system 
2. Manual fire firing system 
3.Waterproof case firing system 

Fireworks firing system

Item DC180-B firing system is worked by AC or DC power, which has the TEST function. Each channel could fire 20-30pcs igniters when use AC, about 10pcs when connecting DC. This system has the function of SALVO FIRE and step by step fire. The whole firing system has two big districts and .Each big district has 9 districts“A,B,C…I. And there are 10 channels in each district. So it has 180 cues in total.


Connect & Test

1. Connecting one 75M cables with one receivers into the cable switch on the main machine. And then using the other 2pcs 15M cables to connecting the rest 2 receivers. You can connecting the by the same manner.

2.Connecting the products into the black/red clips.

3. AC power-- Using the wire to connecting the plug 220V AC power and the 220V AC.

24V DC power—Using any kind of wire to connecting the plug 24V DC power and the DC power.

4. Turn on the power switch. When the Power light . Move the Safety switchto Testposition.

5. Move the button A,when the 10 LED in “Test indicationlight RED, it means the 10 channels in A district are all connecting well. If there is one LED not light, you need to check that the products connecting of that channel. You could use the same way to TEST each district one by one. (see the video)

6. After testing, move the Safety switchto FIRE position, now you could fire the products one by one.


Salvo fire

Fire some channels at same time—connecting the products into the same channel but in different districts.

For example, A1,D1 and F1 fire together. Turn on the cable switch And then move the button “A,D,F" to “ON" position. Now if you press button" 1",The 3 cues will fire together.(see the video)


Introduce for some parts on the main machine

1.AC fuse and control fuse

1) AC fuse—when the short circuit happen, the AC fuse will break to protect the machine

2) Control fuse—When there are some serious mistake operating the machine, it will break for protecting .

Some parameters

1.Accessory—one main machine, 6pcs 30cues receivers and 200M cables.(2*(75+15+15M))

2.Dimension of main machine-- 35*27*12CM

3.Total weight—44KG



1. Please don’t make it to be short circuit for that would damage machine.

2. If connecting products in series, Because the resistively of ignition dissimilarity from different factory , please use the products which made by the same factory;

3. Please turn off the power switch when the circuit connecting but no need use it , and notice to do not shake machine violently;

4. Don’t press “FIRE after pull out electrical outlet, for there is left power would ignite products;

5. Please don’t place the product in the damp , sour ,alkali and pollution environment.

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