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0.3 Meter fireworks ignitor, 0.3M Fireworks Igniter electric igniters for fireworks display, fireworks electric igniters

Product Numbers: DI-30

Price: US $

Product description:0.3 Meter fireworks ignitor, 30 cm ematches / electric match / electirc igniter for fireworks display, professional electric fireworks igniter



1. Fireworks Display Igniters 
electric igniters 
2. Size: 0.3 M ematches 
3. Packing: 20 / 200 
4000 pcs per cartonon 

Technical Parameters:


1. 21°C(70°F)resistance: 1.3±0.15Ω — 1.7±0.15Ω


2. Fire current:    0.40A /0.37A


3. Safety current:  0.25A 5S/0.18A 5S


4. Testing current:  0.5MA





GW:        10 kg


Length:   0.3m


Packing:  20 / 200, 4000pcs per carton


Carton Dimension: 43*29*43cm


Mininum order :       50 pcs


Pls see the video of igniters: 



Size:   0.3M, 0.5M, 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M

 Video Link:

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