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Parallel stage cold light of the fountain Sketch

Fountain category, ignition products, resistance <1 惟, instantaneous current <0.8 A, voltage <30 V. Discharge of fire safety to be doing a good job, away from flammable and explosive goods, drum up mouth, I do not spray on people. Products will be fixed properly to prevent the inverted cones. 4-6 meters from the people watching, discharge of a smoke alarm at the local, it is necessary to make proper arrangements in advance, carpet, carpet must be in the water around Dashi, at the end of End-products should be reasonable destruction (more than a half-day immersion in water, then Deep) 
1, the discharge of a single product: Remove a single product, will be negative, is attempting to separate directly connected to (1.5 V to), such as cell or battery power interface, a product point, Duandiao power. 

Second, a number of products at the same time discharging (up to a group of parallel 30): out to be the discharge of products, will be negative, is attempting to separate products and will be linked to (fire, and spent a good 64-core parallel lines) 

A01 Firing system Manual

To make sure that you can use the product safely, please read the introduction seriously and keep it.
The products use 4 pieces dry battery to supply power, incept box put as the fireworks products,each
Incept box can ignite 2-5 pieces ignite at the same time.
A, usage elucidation:
1,Put 4 No.5 cell pieces in the battery box, and turn on the switch, The indicator shows bright;
2,Press telecontrol button, there is “dida” voice in the box ,it means system run well;
3,Put the products into red/black connection hole in series or by parallel connection; it means the circuitry connect well if the indicator shows bright.                               
4,Press corresponding button of telecontrol to ignite products directly.
B, regulation:
1,Please do not shake incept box violently, when no need use it .
2,Notice to prevent defile incept box when it’s close to fireworks.
3.Please take the cell out when no use products, for prevent defile incept box.
4.Please don’t place the product in the damp , sour ,alkali and pollution environment

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